YVO4 crystal

Pure YVO4 crystal is a positive uniaxial crystal with a wide transparency range in IR, a large birefringence, and excellent mechanical properties. It has been widely used in fabricating polarizers, fiber optic isolators, circulators, and beam displacers
Yttrium Vanadate (YVO4) Crystal

Undoped YVO4 (Yttrium Vanadate) is widely used in many beam displace because of its large birefringence. Good physical and favorable properties also make YVO4 well suited for compact fiber optical components, such as isolators, circulators, and polarizer etc..


Comparison with other birefringent crystals

Compared with Calcite, YVO4 has better temperature stability, physical and mechnical properties. And it is hard for Calcite to obtain high optical quality because of its low susceptibility to moisture and low hardness. Compared with Rutile (Tio2) which has high hardness, YVO4 is easier to be handled in optical surface processing which greatly reduces manufacturing cost, especially in batch production. Compared with LiNbO3, although they have similar mechanical and physical properties, YVO4 has three times larger birefringence, which makes your design more compact.
Basic properties of YVO4:

Basic properties of YVO4:

Transparency Range High transmittance 0.4-5μm
Crystal Symmetry Zircon Tetragonal,Space groupD4h
Lattice Parameters a=b=7.12A;c=6.29A
Density 4.22g/cm3
Mohs 5 (glass like)
Deliquescence NO
Thermal Expansion Coefficient αa=4.43×10-6/K ;αc=11.37×10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity //C: 5.23W/m/K ⊥C: 5.10W/m/K
Crystal Class Positive uniaxial with no=na=nb,ne=nc
Thermo-optic Coefficient dno/dT=8.5×10-6/K
Refractive Indices Birefringence Coefficient (△ n = ne-no) and Walk Angle at45° no=1.9929, ne=2.2154, △n=0.2225,p=6.04°at0.63mm no=1.9500, ne=2.1554, △n=0.2054,p=5.72°at1.30mm no=1.9447, ne=2.1486, △n=0.2039,p=5.69°at1.55mm
Sellmeier Equation(I in mm): no 2 =3.77834+0.069736/(λ2)-0.0108133λ2 -0.04724 ne 2 =4.59905+0.110534/(λ2)-0.0122676λ2 -0.04813

Pure YVO4 used in optical circulators and optical beam displacers 

Dimension Tolerance W(±0.5mm)×H(±0.5mm)×L(±0.1mm)or(±0.003mm)
Optical Axis Orientation ±0.5°
Parallelism <10〞
Perpendicularity 5′
Flatness λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality 20/10 MIL-PRF-13830B
AR-coating R<0.2%@1550or1310nm±0.4nm R<0.1%@1064nm For high power laser
Standard Size 5.2×2.5×25mm,θ=45°,Ф=0°
Note: Other Sizes and Coating Are Available Upon Request