YbLPS Crystal

High optical quality Yb3+-doped lutetium pyrosilicate laser crystal Lu2Si2O7 (LPS) was grown by the Czochralski (Cz) method.

The segregation coefficient of ytterbium ion in Yb:LPS crystal detected by the inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (TCP-AES) method is equal to 0.847. X-ray powder diffraction result confirms the C2/m phase monoclinic space group of the grown crystal and the peaks corresponding to different phases were indexed.


The absorption and fluorescence spectra, as well as fluorescence decay lifetime of Yb3+ ion in LPS have been investigated. The absorption and fluorescence cross-sections of the transitions F-2(7/2) <-> F-2(5/2) of Yb3+ ion in LPS crystal have been determined.

The advantages of the Yb:LPS crystal including high crystal quality, quasi-four-level laser operating scheme, high absorption cross-sections (1.33 x 10(-2) cm(2)) and particularly broad emission bandwidth (similar to 62 nm) indicated that the Yb:LPS crystal seemed to be a promising candidate used as compact, efficient thin chip lasers when LD is pumped at 940 and 980 nm due to its low-symmetry monoclinic structure and single crystallographic site.

Specifications Capability
Nd Doping Level 1%
Orientation <Acut > crystalline direction
Surface Flatness up to λ/10 at 633 nm
Parallelism < 20 arcsec
Surface quality 10/5 scratch/dig
as per MIL-O-13830A
Perpendicularity < 5 arcmin
Angle tolerance < 30 arcmin
Aperture tolerance ± 0.1 mm
Clear aperture 90% of full aperture
Chamfers 0.1 mm at 45 deg
Coating both sides coated AR @ 1030 nm, R < 0.2%, AOI = 0 deg