Thin Film Polarizer

Thin Film Polarizer
High damaged threshold >10J 1064nm 10ns,10Hz
High extiction rate upto 10000:1
Large apperture upto Dia80mm


Thin Film Polarizer

High damaged threshold >10J 1064nm 10ns,10Hz
High extiction rate upto 10000:1
Large apperture upto Dia80mm

manufactures thin-film plate polarizers, which are based on interference within a dielectric optical thin-film coating on a thin glass substrate. These polarizers function as beamsplitters, diverting the unwanted polarization 90°.  Thin-film plate polarizers have a number of unique advantages, including superior transmission, low scattering and very little wavefront distortion.  They can be made with excellent environmental reliability, the highest laser damage threshold and very large aperture sizes.  Thin-film plate polarizers function over a specific wavelength range because they are based on multiwave interference and are best suited to laser applications or systems with a limited signal band.

Our polarizers can be Applied in place of laser line cube polarizers in fiber laser systems as well as with high energy Nd:YAG lasers. They can also be used in combination with a waveplate to create high damage threshold variable attenuators and passive optical isolators, or individually as intracavity Q-switch hold-off polarizers.

SIXPLUSE use our super polished substrates and IBS coating to supply a series of high extinction ratio, thin film polarizers.The wavelength range from UV to NIR. With our precision polishing technology and Ion Beam Sputtering  deposition technology,The customized Polarizer upto 5000:1 with Tp>98%@CW with 120*60mm aperture. Our standard specification with following table.

Specification of  Thin Film Polarizer

Size   <Dia.80mm or 120*60mm
Material   BK7 or Fused Silica
Surface Flatness   λ/10 @632.8nm
Surface Quality   10/5 S/D – MIL-PRF-13830B
Wedge   <30 arc sec
Extinction Ratio (Tp/Ts)   200:1~10000:1  Tp>96%@CW
Angle of Incidence   Brewster angle±2° or 45°±2°
 Damage Threshold   10J/cm2,10ns pulse@1064
Typical Wavelength   1064mm,1053nm,532nm,808nm,755nm,1550nm

Our standard TFP with following Part No.

Part No. Material Dimension (mm3) Wavelengh(nm) Extinction rate
TFP-1064-FS001 UVFS 25X14X3 1064nm 1000:1
TFP-1064-FS002 UVFS 27X16X2 1064nm 1000:1
TFP-1064-FS003 UVFS Dia50.8X6 1064nm 1000:1
TFP-1064-FS004 UVFS Dia25.4X3 1064nm 1000:1
TFP-1064-FS005 UVFS Dia30X3 1064nm 1000:1
TFP-1064-FS006 UVFS 20X40X3 1064nm 1000:1
TFP-1064-BK001 BK7 25X14X3 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK002 BK7 27X16X2 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK003 BK7 Dia50.8X6 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK004 BK7 Dia25.4X3 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK005 BK7 Dia30X3 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK006 BK7 20X40X3 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK007 BK7 100X50X10 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1064-BK008 BK7 120X60X10 1064nm 500:1
TFP-1053-FS001 UVFS 25X14X3 1053nm 1000:1
TFP-1053-FS002 UVFS 27X16X2 1053nm 1000:1
TFP-1053-FS003 UVFS 20X40X3 1053nm 1000:1
TFP-1053-FS004 UVFS 100X50X10 1053nm 1000:1
TFP-1053-FS005 UVFS 120X60X10 1053nm 1000:1
TFP-532-FS001 UVFS 25X14X3 532nm 500:1
TFP-532-FS002 UVFS 27X16X2 532nm 500:1
TFP-532-FS003 UVFS 20X40X3 532nm 500:1
TFP-532-FS004 UVFS 100X50X10 532nm 500:1
TFP-532-FS005 UVFS 120X60X10 532nm 500:1
TFP-755-FS001 BK7 30*20*6 755nm 500:1
TFP-755-FS002 BK7 Dia25.4X3 755nm 500:1